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Tipping the Scales to Health

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Tipping the Scales to Health

is now open!

The online world has a wonderful new resource
for desperate dieters and
anybody else who is determined to make health a priority in 2009.

Join old friends and new as we kick the New Year off
with a renewed dedication to health and weight loss

Healthy Cat Food

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I have been occupied lately with the latest addition to my family: two kittens. They eat a lot. One can in the morning and one can at night between the two of them.

Can? Canned food?

I wonder how many cats live their entire life eating nothing else than canned cat food. Some of my previous cats certainly did.

Now I realize that cats are not people and their nutritional needs are different from ours. But can it really be good to get nothing else than canned food? Every day? All their life?

I hardly use cans at all in my cooking. Sure, the occasional canned tomatoes for my homemade spaghetti sauce, but that is pretty much it. Canned vegetables? Never! If fresh are not available, I use frozen.

So why would I let my cats live on canned food? Convenience, of course. I have to trust that pet food manufacturers have some clue of what a cat needs. At least cats seem to stay well and healthy on what they offer.

However, I do intend to mix in raw meat and fish in their diet, when practical. Not perhaps buy it separately for them, but cut off a piece before I cook it for us. Give them the chicken liver and heart. It’s also easy to keep frozen fish in the freezer and thaw a fillet just for them now and then.

I fed them ground beef for the first time tonight. They loved it! Didn’t even look at the bowl next to it with a can of the best kitten food you can buy. Pretty amazing, huh?