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The latest diet rage seems to be the Zero Carb Diet. The rules are:

  1. Eat only from the animal world (eggs, fish, red meat and fowl and some dairy are all animal sourced foods, i.e.: meat).
  2. Eat nothing from the vegetable world whatsoever. (Very small amounts of flavorings such as garlic/chillies/spices/herbs which may be added, are not ‘food’).
  3. Avoid milk and yogurt (heavy carbs – lactose), use only pure (not ‘thickened’- heavy) cream (read the label), cheese and unsalted butter.
  4. Don’t cook your meat very much – just a little bit on the outside – for flavor – blood – rare.
  5. Eat liver and brains only very infrequently – they are full of carbs.
  6. Be sure to have plenty of fat of animal origin at each meal and eat mostly of the fat until you feel you have had enough – you can eat more lean at this point if you like – calories are not important, nor is the number of meals/day. Vegetable oils are not good food.
  7. You do not need any supplements of any kind. Drink a lot of water and do not add salt to anything.

The hard core Zero carbers go even further. No eggs (they have carbs!). No dairy or cheese (carbs!). Not to mention “bolting” the food – swallow it without chewing it.

This is not supposed to be a crash diet, done for a short period of time. The Zero carbers see it as a way to eat for life. They are fully convinced that you can be fully healthy by eating supermarket meat only.

They base this conviction on the history of carnivorous peoples. The Inuits provide the main example. I do not understand how they fail to see the difference on a diet based on supermarket beef and a native carnivorous diet that included raw offal (brain and liver contain Vit. C, for example). Certain animal parts, raw, were greatly favored by carnivorous peoples. There surely was a reason for it. The same reason that I can crave broccoli. There must be something my body needs from it.

Even more alarming is that many with a history of ED (Eating Disorders) jump on the Zero Carb wagon. From one extreme to the other. While it might be good that they become unafraid of fat and calories, the recommendation to “eat fat until nauseous, then lean” doesn’t seem like it would lead to a healthy relationship to food.

What will the Zero Carbers do when weight loss stops? Cut the protein and risk protein deficiency? Cut the fat and end up with a Kimkins starvation diet? What other option is there?

Now, I don’t think that a couple of weeks with meat only is doing any harm. This is really Atkins’ induction, in the original 1972 diet. But Atkins never intended it to be done for life. He invented the carb ladder for a reason.

Posted by Samantha February 17, 2009

Pffft Oh PULEEZE! The people in the various low carb forums are touting everything from meat and egg fasts (that they claim can go on and on) as well as extended induction. So whatever! Many people who have tried the low carb way find they don’t lose anymore on it, not like in the beginning. The Low carb fanatics also say”you have that one golden shot at losing” so if thats true, they should dummy up and realize that the same way of eating doesn’t work for everyone.

If meat only and high fat is helping me to lose the weight after a year of stall, then darn right I’m going to do it. I’ll examine adding back in a few veg once at goal.

Or would you rather the bulimics continue to binge and purge?


Posted by Marnee February 17, 2009

You really dont know much about zero carb. All assumptions no substance.

Atkins was wrong about the carb ladder. Just look at the number of people who succeed on Atkins only to give up and gain all the weight back after adding in carbs. If that is not an eating disorder, I dont know what is.

Posted by OhYeahBabe February 17, 2009

I am wide open to the idea that doctors and nutritionists have been getting it wrong all this time, but there’s still the concept of safety to consider. Who came up with the rules for this diet??? And how can they recommend it as safe when the studies they interpret bear little resemblance to those rules? Persuasively mixing a little fact with opinion doesn’t make a person an authority… far more like Kimmer than cardiologist Dr. Atkins, for example.

At the very least, it’s easy to see that cultures who ate their meat minimally cooked or raw weren’t getting genetically modified meat from super bacteria laden factories. Their bodies weren’t being challenged by the same sort of microbial, environmental and lifestyle stresses that we have today, either.

Please, please carefully consider who you are getting your health advice from. Doctors aren’t always right, but a population of wrong doctors doesn’t mean some guy on the internet is right either.

Posted by mariasol February 17, 2009

Who came up with the rules of this diet? Good question. The ones quoted in my blog post were written by the Bear. The Bear is using his own (one person) experience to argue that this is a safe diet.
The only studies that have been made are from the Bellevue Experiment in 1928. To me, those studies support a low carb diet rather than a zero carb diet. Stefansson ate raw brain and raw meat that contained carbs. In one of the studies, the nutrional breakdown of the Inuit diet is given as 280 gm protein, 135 gm fat and 54 gm carbohydrate. That’s more along Atkin’s maintenance than a zero carb diet, IMO.

Posted by mal March 2, 2009

ill just say i am one of those eating disorders who made their way to the zero carb way of life. I am 23 and I have been trying to recover from anoexia for almost 3 years now. I went to low carb at first but with veggies and all the “low carb” others things my mind was not recovering. I tried zero carb and ate my fat without a second thought. i have never felt better in my life. my face is clear, my mind is clear, im not obcessing over food. it is the basis of KEPP IT SIMPLE STUPID…. people need to stop spending so much time worrying about what others are eating when it is no concern of theirs nor is it their business. i dont know how food got to be so interesting and sociable. i dont know when it became “rude” to deny a carb laden dessert from a guest. please take a realy look back in history. carbs cause caner. carbs cause diabetes, without sugar there is NO diabetes. carbs cause obesity. carbs cause anemia, iron deficiency. carbs cause candida. carbs cause eating disorders!

Posted by Geo June 24, 2009

I agree with mal…..I’m a 42 yr. old male who has been ZC’ing for nearly 5 years…….I feel like I’m 21 again!!

Carbs have been forced into our lives…..they kill!!! But you skeptics keep eating them, because I would like the meat prices to stay somewhat affordable!!! :)

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