A Healthy Diet

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What is a healthy diet? Depends on who you ask.

I have followed a low carb diet for several years. In my opinion, this is a healthy way of eating. I just limit carbs, especially the white stuff (sugar, pasta, potatoes) and don’t count anything. I eat a lot of non-starchy veggies and I eat fruit on occasion. I don’t limit protein and fats, and ignore the misconception (in my opinion) that saturated fats are bad for us. I reached goal more than 4 years ago and have since maintained.

Others follow lower fat, higher carb diets with success. Weight Watchers is one of them, and many find the point system being helpful for both weight loss and to maintain. After a while, counting points become intuitive to them and is not a burden.

South Beach is another lower fat diet which limits carbs more than WW but is not as strict as Atkins. SB allows “healthy” grains in the form of brown rice and whole wheat bread and pasta. For people feeling deprived of these items on Atkins, SB might be a good choice.

Then there are a million “quick fix diets” out there. Diets that severely limit calories. Promising fast weight loss. While the weight might come off quickly, as promised, the dieter often finds it impossible to stick to it. Deprivation backfires and leads to off-plan eating or binges. More often than not, the weight is regained even more quickly than it was lost. To me, this is not a healthy diet as it leads to yo-yo dieting with cycles of restricting and binging.

It is a huge misconception that a short term approach will lead to long term success.

For me, a healthy diet is one that you can stick to for the rest of your life. That easily transitions into maintenance. That doesn’t make you feel deprived. That doesn’t tempt you to go off plan. Or, allows occasional off-plan eating without leading to abandon of the plan altogether.

I found it with low carb. You choice might be different.

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